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Hudson Real Estate Finance

Hudson Real Estate Finance is a specialty finance firm offering innovative financing solutions for HUD-financed real estate projects.
Hudson Real Estate Finance is a preferred equity investor that focuses on investments in HUD-financed projects. Our knowledge of the strengths and limitations of HUD’s multifamily and healthcare loan programs allows us to tailor solutions to meet the needs of the individual project and individual owner.
Our primary investment programs include:

Our Products

HUD D4 Reserve Funding

Hudson Real Estate Finance satisfies the Working Capital and IOD Reserve requirements on a HUD 221(d)4 loan. Our solution reduces the amount of equity required to close without diluting their equity interest. HREF funds the reserves through a preferred equity investment.

HUD Stabilized

Hudson Real Estate Finance makes a preferred equity investment into projects using HUD for senior financing to allow the Sponsor to reduce the cash to close on a loan assumption, recapitalize the existing equity contributed, or unlock trapped equity to be put to use in other projects.

HUD 232 Reserve Funding

HUD 232 Reserve Funding


Let’s discuss. With its financial partners, HREF participates in. other types of real estate investments on a case by case basis, usually executed to facilitate to a HUD-financed project. Please reach out to learn more and see if your deal may be a fit.

HREF has offices in New York and Washington, DC, and invests nationally.